Edinburgh Fringe Live 25th July

Packed Garden Enjoying Sun, Cider and Music

You canny beat it

We had a brilliant day today at the PearTree, yesterday had it’s problems and we didn’t get to hear the Bluesbrokers, which I was looking forward to, but we got a great set from Pat Dennis singing his blues and we’re hoping we got some good enough footage for us to get the go ahead and share it. Today was a brilliant day at the PearTree which was very similar how I would fantasise how these events would go. You know? sun, cider and some good music and we had all three today with the brilliant The Story So Far (Allan and Donald return on drums and guitar, but Jake is now found on vocals and trumpet, with Jonathan playing Jake’s old Fender Jazz bass) and their story had some up dancing in front of the stage to their beat and tunes. Next we had Combo Combo with their brilliant rhythms from Pat McCann, guitar from Iain Mackecknie and the great voice of Cassy McCormack.

When I went round with the busking bucket people were delighted and showed their appreciation and bought them all a drink so a big thanks to everyone who supported the bands :-)

Footage on its way

We are a bit slow bringing the music to you as we are in “post production phase” where we are learning how to clean up and fix our footage and sound files so don’t despair we will get there. It’s a learning curve and did we bite off more of this delicious pie than we can eat? Course not.

Elaine was here today whizzing round getting some photographs and as always she is a delight to be round and Kearin was getting some extra footage on the DSLR camera and I’ve started sifting through it all for some post production magic. Or as its otherwise known as some late nights and lots of coffee.

Music Sunday 26th at the PearTree

We’re back Sunday with music starting at 3pm so come along to the Pear Tree and enjoy some sun, cider and music.



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