Against Ban on Amplification at Edinburgh Fringe

No Amplification at the Fringe Debunked

As we are into the new year and the Fringe is approaching I thought it would be a good time to share and let everyone know where we stand as buskers who need to use amplification.

Peter Pik has been coming to the Fringe for the last five years and plays instrumental guitar which needs to be amplified in order to be heard. However over those years there has been a campaign to shut down amplification and one of the main proponents for this ludicrous idea lives on Rose St where amplification is particularly resisted with signs and phone calls to the police.

Peter Pik Spending a Penny (Part One)

One of the things buskers face everyday is how to get rid of all the pennies. Peter Pik was struggling with all the coins he had to carry home and they were so heavy, and he said “Who will take these pennies?” I suggested the local chinese “So Good” because Ted Read more…

Edinburgh Fringe Street Crowd

The Fringe is Buzzing

Donald Trump aka Eric Gudmunsun playing Edinburgh Fringe

Well when we got home Ted the dog flopped down exhausted from his day at the Fringe. And of course he was on top form with the Ted Effect and everyone wanted to stop and say hello. I was telling everyone that his name is “Five pound a selfie” to roars of laughter and one person actually wanted to pay so they got a free one for being so nice and gullible.

Peter Pik Playing at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Peter Pik Playing at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

We bumped into Peter Pik who was working hard today and had been busking around the place so remember and say hello if you hear his music and check out his new CD it’s got seventeen songs on it and is a compilation of the most popular requests that he gets. Pete reckons Ted could be a busker but he’s got to practise everyday (more…)

Donald Trump aka Eric Gudmunsun playing Edinburgh Fringe

Donald Trump is in Edinburgh

Ted’s got a great nose for sniffing out the talent at the Fringe and we bumped into Eric Gudmunsun aka Donald Trump. With his blonde locks I thought it was Boris Johnson and he told me that sometimes he is him too. If you don’t believe me then here’s the Read more…

Richard Blues at Edinburgh

Ted Want’s to be a Busker

It’s day one and it’s all the one’s because Ted is also one and it’s his first day at the Fringe too. Being dog years he’s actually seven so he’s really going to enjoy it. If you don’t know Ted then here’s he is on YouTube. I will be there Read more…

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