Edinburgh Fringe Live is a local initiative to bring the street acts of the Edinburgh Fringe to the world through the power of the Internet.

Edinburgh Fringe Live was dreamed up by myself, Derek Howden, who saw the possibilities and the advantages of using the free tools provided by YouTube, Google+ and Hangouts to stream the live street acts to World. Alex Dunedin, the force behind Ragged University, is another fan of the Edinburgh Fringe immediately saw the vision and joined with me to bring Edinburgh Fringe Live as a learning community which produces great shows from the Fringe. We’ve started to spread the word and were soon joined by lots of talent at the Fringe.

This is the second year of bringing you the Edinburgh Fringe Live and it’s already bigger than I thought it would be. Together with the Ragged University we have made this even more fun by making learning open and social, something that I already wanted to do.

So what will we do at the Edinburgh Fringe?

We have a Pre Fringe hosted broadcast from the PearTree in Edinburgh during the month of July. George and his team at the PearTree have been amazingly receptive and encouraging in our initiative and it has to be said that they alone are the reason to have time out at the PearTree. It’s a great pub and we’re hoping we can add a new dimension by streaming the events live to the Internet.

During the Fringe we will be out and about filming the street acts on the Royal Mile and speaking to buskers and visitors alike sharing experiences and things to learn.

Our aim is to keep this project as simple as possible and our main activities are going to be a live broadcasts from the Fringe to bring you entertainment, news and information of what antics we’ll be up to. You are invited to come along on any of the days and support us filming and get to know everyone. Come along and don’t be shy, we would love to meet you and hear your ideas.

We want you to participate in Live at the Edinburgh Fringe

We are a community of people who want to share the Edinburgh Fringe Live to the world. We want to learn how to do it with fun and laughter and share ideas and creative ideas by way of media and entertainment.

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