It’s taken me a while to say that

And that’s because it hasn’t really finished for me. I’m inspired by what’s been happening and the doors and opportunities that I’m considering. However there are some things that are pretty exciting to me at the moment and one of them is how things just fell into place at the right time. One of those events was when Andy Burns joined us and came out filming and joined the Edinburgh Fringe Live community effort of capturing something magical. Which is what we did when The Showhawk Duo got in touch and said “we liked the video you did of us busking did you know we’re playing the Tron on the 23rd?” Well that was my birthday and Rachael and Becky had other plans. But I couldn’t have had a better birthday present than filming their gig and the footage that Andy caught was that of a pro. Getting to know him it transpires that he’s not new to filming and he has raised the bar for us in many ways. One of which is to up the professionalism and have an ident as the maker of the film which really makes sense to me so I’ll design one and start adding it to the videos.

Thanks Andy Burns

Here’s Andy’s footage from the night where he handheld this footage of The Showhawk Duo at the Tron on Saturday the 23rd August playing Pulp Fiction. I think it’s fitting because in my haste when doing the video for their busking set I never checked it and a couple of seconds of sound is missing at the beginning of the video. There’s the learning curve again!

Here’s the video

Professional Film Crew?

We all laughed when Mik announced to the entire audience that a professional camera crew were in to film The Showhawk Duo and I thought little do they know and laughed again but then remembered how much we have improved over this month and how much better we’ll be next year. All that said it was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time so thanks to Mik and Jake for their brilliant and outstanding show that everyone there will remember for a long time.

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It’s been a great journey

We started in the Peartree seven weeks before and here we were filming one of the best shows of the Edinburgh Fringe and it gets even better! because Jake and Mik want to use our footage and support Edinburgh Fringe Live by working together on a project for the future so more of that to come and it did get me started on how to get money for the project. It would be fantastic to be able to give everyone good cameras and use good computers to do post production. By filming plays I’ve seen them turn into a “TV” show just by doing post production and I’ve started to get the documentary bug which will be something to do when the Fringe effort for this year has subsided to a phew, lets get some sleep

So in the meantime we do have some footage from the night for you to see and if you were there you need to check out The Showhawk Duo on Facebook and Twitter and follow their antics through the world of music. They are a great show and we’re really excited to be part of their endeavours and look forward to them coming back to the Edinburgh Fringe next year.  They started out and met as buskers and their talent and energy have opened some amazing doors for them and I know they are working on a plan. And that’s the vision of Edinburgh Fringe Live, supporting the artists that come to Edinburgh that bring so much fun. We want to share it with the world and you can join us here in Edinburgh too and come filming with us.

We’re still busy

We are working on a few post production tasks one of which is to go through all the Peartree footage and find something that the bands would enjoy. I know it may be hard as it didn’t go as smooth as it would today, which is the testament of learn by doing philosophy, but our post production skills are growing by doing so it might be better to work on it now that we have a better working knowledge of getting something good out of it. I am going to be working with John who I met early on just before July on streaming live events so by next year we are hoping to be better skilled and better equipped to raise the bar yet again on our endeavours as a community media outlet for the Edinburgh Fringe. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved next year when the Fringe comes back. In the meantime I know Alex is going to make a start on the Peartree footage on Monday and I’m looking forward to getting round to it too.

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