Reuben Stone Playing Gingerbread Man

Reuben Stone Looping Gingerbread Man

We loved Reuben’s music so we have published one of your favourites: Gingerbread Man. Check out the video, remember to share with your friends and if you haven’t subscribed on Youtube then do so in order to get more music, comedy and entertainment from the Edinburgh Fringe.

Donald Trump aka Eric Gudmunsun playing Edinburgh Fringe

Donald Trump is in Edinburgh

Ted’s got a great nose for sniffing out the talent at the Fringe and we bumped into Eric Gudmunsun aka Donald Trump. With his blonde locks I thought it was Boris Johnson and he told me that sometimes he is him too. If you don’t believe me then here’s the Read more…

Val Saville Edinburgh Fringe

So the Fringe is Finished

It’s taken me a while to say that

And that’s because it hasn’t really finished for me. I’m inspired by what’s been happening and the doors and opportunities that I’m considering. However there are some things that are pretty exciting to me at the moment and one of them is how things just fell into place at the right time. One of those events was when Andy Burns joined us and came out filming and joined the Edinburgh Fringe Live community effort of capturing something magical. Which is what we did when The Showhawk Duo got in touch and said “we liked the video you did of us busking did you know we’re playing the Tron on the 23rd?” Well that was my birthday and Rachael and Becky had other plans. But I couldn’t have had a better birthday present than filming their gig and the footage that Andy caught was that of a pro. Getting to know him it transpires that he’s not new to filming and he has raised the bar for us in many ways. One of which is to up the professionalism and have an ident as the maker of the film which really makes sense to me so I’ll design one and start adding it to the videos. (more…)

Peter Pik at The Edinburgh Fringe

Day in the life of a busker

Here’s part two of our documentary “Inside Busking with Peter Pik” as you know we got to film and interview Peter while he was here so Here is the video In case you missed part one, here it is You can find Pete on his website or Facebook

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