Erupt Dancerz X-PRESSIONZFirst of all I want to say a big thanks to everyone who played today and making it a brilliant day and before I go any further I have to tell you the sad news. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t so rushed, we got there this morning and in our meeting as to how we were going to film Erupt Dancerz we were going through health and safety, camera angles and for once we weren’t worried about sound as we could use the file on their phone. Even George the manager came out to find out about the dance performance this afternoon and we were all looking forward to it and they all turned up full of smiles and energy.

And then the bad news came. Because some of the group were under eighteen they weren’t allowed on the premises due to licensing law. Which we knew and informed all our performers (though Dancing on Tables got caught out with this too) but because it had been rushed, they never went through the application form, and I never asked when we chatted on the phone it was a big disappointment for everyone including the brilliant staff at the PearTree. And so they left to do another video shoot they had lined up so they were still having a great day. We wish them well

And so to the great day we had today

Usual story it’s all in post production but you should have been there if you weren’t and a big thanks to everyone in the garden who happily chipped into the busking bucket for Wise L Leathermonk, Ian Sclater and  Gordon McClean and Gusha. I can honestly say that I enjoyed everyone of them because I sat in the garden filming and I could see and hear everything. Normally I’m round the side watching it on the laptop so I miss the real live event but today I saw it in real surround eyeball and ear vision. Because of everyone involved it all seemed so smooth and effortless I properly relaxed, pointed the camera and enjoyed the shows. Kerian Holmes, Gordon Cossar and Val Saville had a great time too, so much that everyone, including Elaine, wants to come along to the festival and film the street acts of Edinburgh, the Fringe of the Fringe. It’ll be great fun and I can’t wait, you’ll have to come along and get involved too.

I was so busy videoing I forgot to take photo’s but I know Val was moving around the garden getting loads of shots so we have them to look forward to. Here’s the photos I got

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Stay in touch there’s more to come

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