Playing 27th July at 3pm

Next to adorn our stage is Wise L Leathermonk, a man of talent, depth and concern for the world we live in and he’s coming to the PearTree to perform for us.. Here is what he has to say

A local and international maker, who has brought his message of peace, love and sh*tkicker consciousness. dealing with green issues, class struggle, self determination, civil, animal and land rights, and cosmic unity, through songs such as ¨Duppy Yuppie¨ ¨Center of the Earth¨ and ¨Wizards in the Mist¨.
and Performed at Poetry, Folk, Punk, Funk, Roots, Rock, Rave, and Hiphop stages and with many popular acts notably Skinnyman of Mud Family and Jesse Rae of The Space Cadets. broadcasts on castle rock FM and Graham Nortons fringe show on radio 2,  travelling as far as Borneo and China,

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