No but I do have a confession

We neglected the day to day stuff, just for this year while we thought about the landscape of our dominion and how we fulfil the original dream. If you read back we want to be live, bringing the moments that everyone remembers. A tall order I hear all the short people say, well being short in attention I think qualify’s me in an abstract way to say…

We noticed

Upcoming and natural talent through the busking ranks

Like we did last year, and we failed.

How did we fail?

We didn’t post it straight away

Because we listened to the artists, and we wanted to bring it as it happens, and the artists asked the question “could you…?” well the answer is always yes but at what cost? We found out

It was a happy time last year, it was my birthday and I was asked to film something that commercialism snatched away. They thought we were professional… we were just the public

They thought we were a video production group (it’s funny what a name can do)

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