Well as an after thought I thought not. The bands and music were brilliant and they deserve better than this live stream. Bandwidth is truly our enemy and reliability a distant friend who shows up only now and then. We are going to have to think about an unlimited 4G contract that will let us stream. Is there such a thing as unlimited 4G? I’m not sure right now there doesn’t seem to be but it’s definately something that may be around next year.

What’s best for the bands?

Well the vision to stream it live with what we have got might have to wait till we have got more. In order to stream reliably we are going to need the equipment that will make it possible and we will have this and next year till the Fringe to sort something out. We are continuing to work at this but in the meantime we are going to record the acts and upload. It’s the only way we are going to preserve them the memory and footage to share now and in the future.

The music has been brilliant

Edinburgh Fringe Live July 18thAgain my thanks to the brilliant bands who have been patient and understanding in what we are doing. We are the Fringe of the Fringe and we’re a bit ragged round the edges! In our defence we have caught some good stuff but we have missed more and that’s got to stop.

Callum Baptie and Dylan Noble playing at the Pear TreeCallum Baptie and Dylan Noble playing at the Pear Tree

Callum Baptie and Dylan Noble

Our thanks go to the performance of The Awakening Project whose energetic and performance gave rise to the thought There is someone living the dream. To Callum Baptie and Dylan Noble who performed their songs brilliantly and was one of the bands who came without their band because of the age restriction, so their ability to diversify and be creative has got to be one of the traits that will lead to success. And finally Houndog Fraser and Rock Hunter finished off the night with some good old blues that you just can’t beat :-) I know from going round the garden with the busking bucket just how much they were enjoyed and we’re looking forward to them coming back.

Edinburgh Fringe Live July 18thI am tempted to delete the video and pretend we never streamed it but alas that is not what we are about. We’re about learning by trying and giving it a go. The best teacher is to grapple with problems till you know it all inside out and be creative with solutions. We might get some post production clips that we can use so we’ll let you know.

I did manage to get away from the laptop and grab some photos and I know that there were others taken so I’ll have them added soon.


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Show started about 4.30pm

Unfortunately our footage is pretty bad so shall hang here in the hall of fame as part of the learning curve. The bands deserved better

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