Playing 31st July at 6pm

Irresistible Urges Playing at the Pear Tree

Irresistible Urges

Next entertaining us on the stage at the Pear Tree are the Irresistible Urges and here is what they have to say for themselves

A brief introduction to the band:

THE IRRESISTIBLE URGES We are an international band doing original songs. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-ageist in approach. Songs range from agit-pop to world music influences to a quirky tango groove… We feature authentic harmonica sounds on some numbers as well as electric and acoustic guitar interplay. And sometimes surprise guests and other aural enhancements. The only band in Scotland to have both a male musician who went to the original Woodstock Festival and two female vocalists who are recent entrants to the Edinburgh original music scene. Throw into the mix a groovy Italian bassist and a Scottish drummer and djembe player known throughout the Auld Reekie world music and afro-beat scene and you start to envisage our art rock mix. That is us: original songs and voodoo rhythms. Go on: delve into the avant garage. New EP entitled Cavorting out 8/4/14.

Go on, go on, go on: give into that Irresistible Urge

Recent Edinburgh gigs include: Lachs Songwriters Cellar & Psych-out at Henrys Cellar Bar 8/4/14 Folk Rag Presents at The Blind Poet 5/2/14 The Carlton Gold Festival at The Counting House (headlining one of the two stages) 2/1/14 Henrys Cellar Bar Band and Cabaret night 28/01/14 Pressure Drop Productions at Belushis 19/12/13 The Wolf Sessions at The Blind Poet 14/12/13 Cowshed in the Cowgate Edinburgh Fringe 13&14/8/13 Tron Kirk Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival 6,7,&8/8/13 Spiegel Terrace Free Festival Stage 6/8/13 Edinburgh Guitar and Music Festival at Corn Exchnge 24/5/13

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