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Well our first attempt at streaming live was a success in many ways. It was fun, exciting and the buzz was amazing. We started a general stream and then a live act rolled past us drumming and dancing. Drum Struck are playing everyday at the Assembly Halls in Edinburgh, here is the Drum Struck programme if you want to go to their show. From what they did on the street it is going to be a brilliant show. They are energetic, full of life and oozing charisma and well worth a view and we were over the moon to see them turn up just as we started streaming.

Everyone who attends the show is going to get to play the drum, the spokeswoman for the group that we spoke to told us that they have 750 drums which they will put on the seats for everyone to take part and join in. Check out Drum Struck’s website here

The quality wasn’t what we were hoping and we have plans to improve that and just so that you can see better we have uploaded another video we took outside of the hangout.

Check it out our video of Edinburgh Fringe Live here

So as you can see the Edinburgh Fringe is going to bring us some world class entertainment

As for the quality and technical issues? Well today was a success in that we know it can be done and we are all singed and fringed with the buzz of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival starting 2nd August

Here is us signing off just before the ran came

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