On my way to the PearTree to start setting up for streaming  Simply Soweto Encha today at 7.30pm. The live stream is scheduled to start at six pm today and here is the video for the live Stream. Come back and watch at Six today.

This video will be live at six and viewable after.

Or alternatively click here to watch it on YouTube

We’ll be there from twelve o’clock onwards setting up and I’ll be posting a video blog on how we have setup this stream. We’ll be streaming with equipment that most people have. Our philosophy is to share and use what we have as a community and that is exactly what we are doing. We believe that between us we have the resources to do anything and so we’re starting to spread the news.

All that aside we are very happy and count it an honour to stream Simply Soweto Encha for your entertainment. They are kindly performing for free so please be generous when we pass the bucket round to buy them a beer.

Hope to see you at the PearTree later on and I believe they are showing the Womens final at Wimbledon in the garden from two o’clock so come along and enjoy the tennis in a great crowd atmosphere. Come along and say hello and you are welcome to get involved with this project

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