Playing: 12th July at 1pm,
19th July at 4pm,
30th July at 6pm

Ruari McMillan Playing at the Pear Tree

Ruari McMillan

Thanks to Ruari for coming along to entertain us, here is what he has to say

I play guitar and sing. I write my own material but I can also play some covers. I enjoy 60s and 70s music especially Dylan, Lennon and the Stones, and I try to reflect these influences in my music. My setlist can be however long or short as you want it, I just want to play to be honest. I would love to perform everyday in July but I know that’s not possible so any day suits me. I don’t know if we are allowed to play more than once at your venue, are we? If so 2 or 3 days a week would be great!

Check out his SoundCloud page

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