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Uni Cyclist:

We’re gonna broadcast every day in time for the one O’clock gun to go off while we broadcast, It’ll be an introduction section to all the things that are going on that day, comedy, buskers, look at previous day and the act that we are gonna film. Presenters are more than welcome to have a go at hosting a day if they want so be inspired everyone ;-) and tell your friends who wanna give it a go

Film the act (for Fringe Factor more later) and interview live and sign it off. The ten people who make it to the hangout are gonna be asked to cast a vote and all acts will be counted up and we’ll have the first ever Fringe Factor winner of 2013 :-) Everyone can vote on the website so the public will be able to sway the judges scores.

Then there’s the comedy :-) and that’s what I’m really looking forward to finding more about :-)

There’s going to be the Fringe of the Fringe and we’re going to film buskers busking outside the Fringe Zone and are the true Fringe ;-)

There’s other stuff in the pipeline and I’m really looking forward to everyone else’s ideas that I haven’t had the chance to catch up with yet :-)

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