I said it from the beginning I’m not a people person in the sense I love filming but hate being a personality so don’t make me get in front of a camera please lol. I’m not a leader nor cash invested to make what my imagination would dream so I’m busking it too. All that said I am looking forward to getting out and filming, interviewing and even partying with some buskers at the Fringe.

The buskers are more the Fringe of the Fringe and that’s what we’re all about at EFL :-) Subscribe on Youtube to get all the video’s as they come

The thing that makes it exciting is that I have no plan and will go every day to be surprised and will be bringing Ted who I call the golden light with a beautiful soul.

Looking forward to inspiration from Alex and Val with her eye for a smashing photo and Peter Pik whose brain is a great brain to pick about the guitar and a wise ambassador for busking . Getting to Know Pete has surprised and amazed me at how good the busking scene is around the world is and is a world of it’s own.

And also to Jack Daniel’s my brothers name sake who was a brilliant busker so this one’s for you bro.

I’ll let you know when I’m around so you can come and join us. Bring your phone, camera whatever you got and we’ll film the F out of the Fringe and rename it to The Ringe :-)

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