While it’s true you should learn from people with experience and experts in their field, you can’t beat mistakes for learning. Even the experts learned by their mistakes so lets get them out in the open and do some more Ragged Learning.

Reflect on My Mistakes

Learning by Mistakes at the Edinburgh Fringe

Learn by Your Mistakes

The first mistake that is on my mind is listening to my doubts, those reasons to stray from the plan, and I did. The plan was to take the sound from the mixer but a niggling doubt thought I should play it safe and use the Zoom microphone after all we’ll get some of the crowd as well. So those ever helpful thoughts might not be right so best to stick to the plan. If you have planned something and you know it’s a workable solution then stick to it. There’s no point trying something new on the day because it might not work so ask yourself if you are being tempted away from the plan and if so, stick to the plan. You can try the new ideas later when it’s not so important and you won’t ruin the night.

Alex Dunedin: Ragged University

Alex Dunedin: Ragged University

Don’t forget my responsibilities. I was so consumed keeping an eye on the tech that I forgot I should have got up on the stage and said something. Alex did ask me if I wanted to get up and I said no, he’s better at that sort of thing. I know I came up with the idea but I’m not naturally confident in front of a camera and to be honest it’s bit self aware warning bells going off in my head when I do. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for Alex or anyone who gets up and speaks to strangers. I will do it the next time and I’ll do my best because if I’m no good then I’ve got lots of room to grow and trying is the first teacher of anything you do. So I’ll have to get over self conciousness and just give it all I got. I do hope someone who wants to get involved comes along and they’re a natural with crowds. Writing out a check list of everything I need to do will be a good way to help not forgetting things to do.

One of my other mistakes is to not tell people what we’re about, well I do but I don’t go at it like a marketeer which is also part of what I’m about. One of the things I should be saying is I believe that we as a community have the where with all to do anything, we just need to get together over something. Now that something is and can be anything from political, religious, social, law, art, academic sport, hobbies and all interests under the sun that you can possibly imagine. I say let it be fun bringing the Edinburgh Fringe to the World so that more people want to come and enjoy it for real.

It’s Community

Edinburgh Fringe Live

Edinburgh Fringe Live

Edinburgh Fringe Live is a community at the Fringe of the Fringe bringing the street entertainment to the world. You can’t but help feel the buzz as you walk the Royal Mile during the Fringe. It’s buzzing with excitement and entertainment and unfortunately the street entertainment is now the attraction for the attractions with all the “real” venues all over Edinburgh. So I say lets get out there and make the most of what is truly a great experience and show it off to the world. The vision is that we as a community, with all our mobile phones and cameras that can connect over the Internet instantly simultaneously can be and are the people on the ground bringing the Festival to the world. As one person I can only do so much but together we can can do so much more and that is where the PearTree beer garden begins, it’s somewhere where we can meet, have some fun listening to some great music, learn and share it with the world.

How to improve?

By accepting my shortcomings I can make it easier to keep going. The idea is not to condemn yourself into giving up or not improving yourself. We have a month of filming acts to improve and pull off the a great event for the Fringe, here in Edinburgh, that goes out live to the world, for now and the future. So from now on, no more listening to doubts and I’ll start keeping a tab on my responsibilities.

Use the equipment you already have: Your Brain

Learning by Mistakes at the Edinburgh Fringe

Learning by Your Ideas

As for those ideas that keep coming? You got to keep listening and testing them out. Did you know that your brain is the best tool you have to rehearse and test ideas? You have the most amazing tool that can simulate situations and events, you can go through things looking for places your idea is weak and places it works really well. You can quickly imagine solutions and can come up with new ways of making it better, safer and more fun. You will see my ideas unfold over the next month and even into August for the Fringe so stay in touch and please say hello by contacting us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ we’re there posting news and blogs or simply use the contact form on this website.

Come along and get involved

Peartree Garden

Peartree Garden

That’s a big mistake of mine, I have to tell people to come and say hello. We are at the PearTree all day on the day of our shows so come along, enjoy music in the beer garden and say hello to us. Speaking of telling people, I bet there is someone who could teach us a thing or two about marketing reading this blog! Well if so and you have free time over July then why not drop in and share your ideas and experience with us. We can all learn from each other and between us we can do anything.

And that goes for anyone who thinks they could do something with us then now is your chance, get in touch and get involved. We’ll be filming and getting up to antics up until the end of August so say hello and let us know what you want to do for the Edinburgh Fringe. You can perform, present, technician and help in any way so get in touch. If you have an act of any kind and you would like to perform at the PearTree then use this application form here. Great venue for any Fringe acts wanting a pre Fringe warm up so get in touch and tell everyone about the idea.

See you at the Pear Tree.

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