OK everybody as this is the last day of the Fringe we thought we would try something pretty daring, disastrous and definately worth doing even if it goes wrong!

We are putting an act on and streaming it live this afternoon

(Baring technical difficulties lol but we will be filming it anyway so it will be posted)

You will get the link from the website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook later this afternoon to watch it live.

Why? Because we got inspired!

Derek Howden, Live at the Fringe Organisor

Derek Howden

We’ve been inspired and taught by the street acts that have been performing because they have been so brilliant. So much so I really do wish that we had time to do more but we are proud of what we have done so far and we know that everyone who has watched our videos have enjoyed them too. So next year we are going to be better organised and bringing you more street acts and performances from the Edinburgh Fringe.

From talking to the street performers we have come across a pressure because the Fringe is changing and is no longer about the street festival so much but is more venues for performers who would never come out and busk their wares on the street.

The Fringe to me is all about the street acts, the atmosphere and the unpredictability of what you are going to stumble upon. It’s about the artists from all around the world coming to bring their shows and busk as much as they can and the visitors love it and it was born on the streets and should continue to flourish and thrive on the streets.

I spoke to one performer who said he had been coming here for seventeen years and this is going to be the last time because he feels the street life is being eroded and doesn’t appeal to him anymore. Now that’s a shame and it got me thinking that we should be doing whatever we can to make sure that the street artists are welcomed, loved and rewarded for their genius and ability to entertain because not everyone can do it.

Gus Bulloch

Gus Bulloch

Edinburgh Fringe Live was created to bring the street acts of Edinburgh to the world, to the people who can’t be here to enjoy it first hand. It was born to show that we have some brilliant entertainment and it happens every year and we love that, we’re proud of that!

So this website is going to be committed to bringing what we have at Edinburgh to the world and to champion the artists and acts that come here to make us laugh, smile and sometimes cry (that’ll be our act!)

Which is why we thought we would have a go and busk an act in Edinburgh today. I’m thinking it will be on Rose street later this afternoon so if you are around come along and have a laugh supporting us.

I am going to draw my inspiration from what I’ve seen and busk an act today so bring your wallets and get ready to take part in the first live broadcast to YouTube today! You will get the link posted when we are about to do the act.

Am I bricking it? You better believe it and now I know why the acts that come to Edinburgh are so needed: They do what most of us can’t! And to support them we’re gonna give it a go.

So be kind lol

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