Playing 19th July at 5pm

Next up on the stage is Jordan Findlay and here is what he has to say

Jordan Findlay is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Paisley, he is very inspirational. Jordan Findlay lightens everyone with his charm and music.

Jordan Findlay is bringing out his 2nd single Mistake from his Debut EP Into the Wild in June. In his EP is a collection of uplifting contemporary country pop songs. Findlay has been writing music for 3 years and is currently studying HNC Music at West College Scotland. Songs featured on the EP are at a mature stage where Jordan has brought out his personal experiences for everyone to hear. The brand new single Mistake is a very personal song to him that he is very proud to share with everyone.

Findlay has a bright future ahead of him. He has nearly 70,000 views on his YouTube channel, music shared by popular band Stooshe and rising star Tich on their social media websites.

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