We are launching our little project today and if you can’t make it don’t worry because we are there over the coming month. The first band we have coming up is Simply Soweto Encha playing at 6pm on the 5th July and we are looking forward to their brilliant act. I have heard good things about them so come along to enjoy them in the Beer garden. Here is the map on how to get to the Peartree

Here is the Live Stream

In this video we are talking about what and why we are doing. We’ll be talking about the bands and dates coming up and inviting everyone along to enjoy the music. We’ll also be talking about workshops we have going on and how you can get involved with that and finally how you can take part in producing the show!

  • You can bring your own camera’s and equipment and take part in filming or photographing any of the days at the Peartree.
  • You can present one of the bands live on air
  • Do interviews with the bands
  • Come along and enjoy yourself

Full Listing of bands here

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