Our Final Day
And we are performing here live at the Fringe, we are not live yet but it will be here

Well it didn’t go well because for some reason the sound never worked so really sorry about this. We’re not gonna take it down because at the end of the day it’s a good teacher. And the act, though not the most elaborate did work when we tested it yesterday and went busking. In fact we did try the day before but we got asked to not busk on official Fringe territory.

We did have a laugh and we faced our demons and we got involved. The least we could do after watching so many good acts.

I was speaking to a busker who was saying that the buskers should be using multimedia and technology and I’ve probably demonstrated why they don’t. It goes wrong but the truth is it went wrong because I had my mind on the act and obviously overlooked the sound not working so a dedicated IT team with no worries of performing is probably a must. Although a few more tries and I think we’d have it off pat.

Hopefully you can see that we have at least shown that it is possible to stream live to YouTube and that it’s something that we are going to have perfected for next years fringe.

I believe that the streets of Edinburgh can be shared and enjoyed by everyone in the world. If we can show what we have here then more people are likely to come and new visitors are always welcome in Edinburgh.

To all the acts that we have seen and filmed I want to say a huge thank you for the laughs and more importantly to let me film and encouraged me to share what we are doing. I really appreciate it because the people who I told what I was doing said it couldn’t be done so thanks for proving them wrong.

I’m looking forward to the next year and what we are planning to do, this year was a small step in the right direction and I hope that with a year to get ready we’ll be in a better position to bring more great acts from the streets of Edinburgh.

If what we have done inspires you to do something similar then let us know :-) it’ll be great to hear what you try.

In the meantime we do have some more posts to come so we are not finished bringing you some of the Fringe, even though it may be finished.

So stay in touch and get involved and we hope that you had a brilliant Fringe :-) we had a gas and met some brilliant people and now that I’m not filming everyday I’ll have some time to write some reviews of the real stars of the Fringe.

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