Playing 23rd of July 2014

Electrobuddha Playing at the Pear Tree


Next up we have Electrobuddha joining us at the Pear Tree, here’s what the have to say

Been going now since March 2012 whereupon Mark McCaffer the founder took a Business Gateway loan of a £1000, bought an electric and semi-acoustic guitar and started a semi-professional band. Mark studied vocals at Strathclyde and graduated with honours. Drummer and 2nd band member Graeme Proctor amasses a great history of drums and percussion and has played with many acts and genres in and around west/central Scotland. He is a graduate of North Glasgow College. Chris Cunningham, the bairn of the group, is an excellent virtuoso lead guitar player now passing on his skills as a guitar lecturer at the Yamaha Music School in Kilmarnock. Graham Brooker, the daddy of the band, has a large history of playing bass and has played prestige gigs such as the old Marquee Club in London.

For the Pear Tree concert we are looking to play a similar gig to that which we played in a radio acoustic session lately. We are starting to love the acoustic element of the band and the punters are in for a rare treat that’s not to be missed. Listen to an example at or visit our main website at My lady friend up Edinburgh way says your place is well worthy of playing. So we would love to play. Just offer us up some date! Dateswise either a Friday or Saturday evening throughout July. However, if you give us an early date and like what you hear, we’d love to come back later in month too.

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