When I say Deadly serious I mean that’s his name and he is seriously funny even though he is close to the bone sometimes. He’s been performing for nearly 30 years now and has his own unique style which he has performed in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Croatia, Macedonia & Belgium amongst others too. So we are glad to welcome him back to Edinburgh and while we were out and about we managed to video his act.

He says things only Deadly could get away with

He’s so off the wall he sends one child running to mum and dad while delighting another, as well as everyone else, for being included in the show. His off the wall comments are so unexpected that you are laughing before you realise what he’s just said. Here’s our latest offering from the Fringe and there’s another in the editing room so stay tuned to get the next instalment from Edinburgh Fringe Live. Check out Deadly’s website here and his Facebook page

Here’s the video

Here’s Some Pictures from the Show Too

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