Part One

As I’ve said, I have some Interviews for you, and here is the first interview with Peter Pik from Australia. I first met Peter last year on the first day of the Fringe so it’s quite apt that I managed to hunt him down for the first day this year. Peter has performed all over the world from Australia,  New Zealand, South Pacific, USA and Europe and anyone who has heard his music knows just how good he is.

I’ve had the privilege of talking to him about his experiences and been allowed to follow and stalk Peter around for the Edinburgh Fringe so watch out for more interviews on the insiders view to busking.

Peter’s honest enough to talk about the ups and downs, the lefts and rights on how to busk and we’ve had a good laugh talking about them.

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So what’s in the video?

Did you know that all the buskers put their Fringe badge in the hat and as they are drawn out you can choose the pitch you want. So if you are last there won’t be much choice left, and if you’re first? Well you get to choose your time and place from the entire board. There are different area’s for circle acts, amplified and acoustic so you have to choose the pitch that suits your act.  You’ll get the low down the buskers got so watch the video.

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