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Well it’s been an interesting year and the meagre start we made last year came to the attention of Alex Dunedin of the Ragged University, a man determined that education can be free by taking up the original torch for the Ragged Schools Thomas Guthrie back in the eighteenth century. When he heard of our exploits last year he quickly wanted to be a part of it and who could blame him. So we put our heads together and when the opportunity to use the Pear Tree stage for the month of July we dreamed that it could be a brilliant pre Fringe event so that’s what we have done.

If you are a performer of any kind or an artist then get involved

We are inviting all artists to come along and get involved by performing or showing their art off and that within in that we can hold informal social learning classes where we open up what we are doing and ask anyone to come along and learn by getting involved.

We set up a website to start the ball rolling and you can find out more here at the Get Involved Website.

Pedro Tochas at the Edinburgh Fringe

Pedro Tochas sharing the love at the Edinburgh Fringe

So what are we hoping for?

Well a jolly good time for a start for everyone who comes along and anyone is more than welcome to drop into the beer garden at the Pear Tree and say hello and there are many things you can do from filming, photography, blogging and presenting acts live on the stage. So if you are looking for fun and a place to hangout and get involved with some pretty exciting stuff then this is the place for you.

Tell all your friends and share this with everyone

That’s right we want you to tell everyone who may be interested whether they are an artist or someone who loves to have a good time so get sharing now. If you would like any more information then please get in touch and send us your question where we will be more than happy to let you know what you are after.

Stay in touch for more news as it happens

The Pear Tree on Google Maps


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